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Are you ready to be Global?

You have tons of programming experience and are ready to work abroad? Perfect! We’re here to help you get in touch with our global partner companies - but only the ones that fit your profile and desires.

You have zero or just a little bit of programming experience? That’s ok! We’ll help you get some experience - in one of our local partner companies (a lot of those, remote friendly) - before going international.

No matter your level of experience, just apply to our process and we’ll help you find out what stage of your career you are and what you need to do to work internationally!

Work forHigh Impact Startups

Achieve your full potential by working for global tech companies. Get the best opportunities that suit your role and your passion.

We help developers achieve their full potential by connecting them with high tech companies from all around the world.

We believe that an international experience is the key element for a developer's journey, so we do everything to ensure you have the best international experience as possible - right now or in the near future.

Code:Nation uses an algorithm and an individual curatorship that identifies your current stage as a developer and matches it with a company that suits your role, your passion and your ambition.

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How it Works

Answer our question form

We want to find you the best opportunity - according to your background and experiences, and for that we need to get to know you better. With the information you’ll provide us on the form we will know in what part of the developer's journey you’re in.

Take our test

We will send you a test via Github to know your level of programming. After you open the test link you have 7 days to solve it.

English interview

We are talking about a job in another country, right? So, we need to know your English level. Don’t worry, it’s just a quick Skype interview.

Interviews with companies that have an interest in you

We are almost there, this is the last stage of the process. Here the company that selected you will hold a cultural fit interview. If everything goes well, you’ll have a job offer on the way.

Beginner at programming? No problem!

Apply to our Free Acceleration Batch of Software Developers and get ready to join a high impact Startup team!

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  • Bruno Ribeiro

    Bruno Ribeiro has a Degree in Computer Science and worked for 6 years to a few innovative companies in his home town. After Code:Nation introduced Bruno to a NYC based company called Loadsmart, they hired him as a Senior Software Developer.

  • Miguel Bauschat

    Miguel is a Mathematics undergrad student at UFSC a top brazilian university. As a Mathematician he wanted to see his work been applied in the real life. He decided to try for an internship at Loadsmart. He passed the interviews and now is flying to NYC next January.

  • Matheus Bratfisch

    Matheus has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and worked in New Zealand for a while. He wanted a bigger career challenge and we introduced him to Loadsmart. He was hired as a remote developer and travels to NYC every 3 months to meet the rest of the team.



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